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Blending Coffee Beans Three varieties of coffee-A...

Blending Coffee Beans Three varieties of coffee-Arabian Mocha Sanani, Organic Shade Grown Mexico, and Guatemala Antigua-are combined and roasted, yielding a \(50\) -lb batch of coffee beans. Twice as many pounds of Guatemala Antigua, which retails for \(\$ 10.19\) per lb, are needed as of Arabian Mocha Sanani, which retails for \(\$ 15.99\) per lb. Organic Shade Grown Mexico retails for \(\$ 12.99\) per lb. How many pounds, to the nearest hundredth, of each coffee should be used in a blend that sells for \(\$ 12.37\) per lb?


\(\left. \begin{array} { l } { 11.92 lb \text { of Arabian Mocha } } \\ { \text { Sanani; } 14.23 lb \text { of Organic Shade Grown Mexico; } 23.85 lb } \\ { \text { of Guatemala Antigua } } \end{array} \right.\)

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