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UpStudy (previously known as CameraMath) is the world's top multidisciplinary solving and learning platform for millions of learners seeking answers in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology, studying for tests, and discovering facts across disciplines.
This AI Homework Help app provides accurate, instant, and step-by-step solutions to your homework problems across multiple disciplines at all levels. It distinguishes itself by tackling tough word problems and the most complex questions in any of these subjects. Still struggling with your homework? Chat with UpStudy's handpicked, elite tutors online 24/7, ready to assist you in any of these disciplines.

Why UseUpStudy Homework AI

Step-By-Step Solution
UpStudy provides detailed solutions and clear explanations to every question across multiple disciplines. It guides you through each step of an answer so you understand the concepts and calculation methods.
Multiple Methods
UpStudy introduces students to various problem-solving strategies across different subjects, aiming to build deep and flexible knowledge. Discover every possible solution method for even the most challenging problems across disciplines.
Word Problems
Word problems in homework can be daunting. Many solvers struggle with word problems, but not UpStudy. Just snap a photo of your wordy problem in any subject to this homework solver app.
Expert Tutors
Access thousands of authentic, professional tutors on the UpStudy learning app, covering a wide range of subjects. One-to-one online tutoring for students of all ages and skill levels, providing help with homework, and test preparation available 24/7.

Cover All Levels And Kinds Of Math Problems

UpStudy covers all levels of math from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. It helps students of all levels from elementary school through college and beyond.
UpStudy has adequate learning materials to help young and children learners to study decimals, fractions, percents, ratios and proportions, scientific notations, etc., and practice with the arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
For those who are studying late in middle school, early in high school or advanced math learners , you can find a sea of worksheets on UpStudy involving inequalities, two variables, integers, algebraic expressions, linear equations, more difficult factoring techniques, logarithms, irrational and imaginary numbers, etc.
UpStudy enables middle school students to analyze and solve simple problems involving pre-algebra concepts and get them ready for standard high school algebraic classes.
UpStudy offers many math practice problems for high schoolers and college students in the plane and solid geometry regarding points, lines, planes, angles, similarity, trigonometry, quadrilaterals, transformations, volume, area, etc.
UpStudy delivers straightforward proof and solutions to questions containing the Pythagorean theorem, and trigonometric ratios - sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant, etc.
Math students of a higher skill level can use UpStudy to check and study pre-calculus math problems and tests and get prepared for the study of calculus in university.
Calculus is the peak of high school math and is usually seen as a higher education course. UpStudy allows to work on the most complicated problems focusing on limits, functions, derivatives, integrals, infinite series, etc.
UpStudy has a full bank of math problems to assist you to sharpen your ability in collecting, describing, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative data.

Hear What Users Say About UpStudy (formerly CameraMath)

I got this math solving app to help/check my answers and it has helped me a lot! It even explains if you need to show your answers! Also, it has lots of answers to find the one you are looking for! If you need an app that helps with homework/work this is the app for you! Hope this helped!
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Mia B.
UpStudy helped me get through those late nights trying to solve complex math equations. It allows me to snap a pic of math problems, solve them and then tell me the process of solving the problem. It helped me so much in school. I’d love to give this app 5 stars, and as should you! Thank you!
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Adam J.
I can’t do complex math problems very quickly but with this math solver they are done in a flash. It helps with math class also because it can also tell you how it completed the problem. Very good for students.
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Jace C.
Not only does it give you the answers but it also shows you the steps which I recommend using because it is really helpful. I have learned so many new tips and tricks because it evaluates the problem and in just one click, helps you learn how to solve it. Definitely recommend looking at the steps so that it helps you on similar questions as well.
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Ian M.
This app helps you if you are struggling with math, and this makes it way easier for you I definitely suggest downloading this app! This app helped me so far and it will help you too! I was struggling with math, and I got bad grades but now that I found the app I was looking for so many years ago I wish I had this app I definitely recommend this app if your not to good at math like I was just try it out!
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Eric S.
This app allows you to connect with skilled mathematicians and response you ASAP. They are quick and very accurate. They helped me solved my math problems really fast. I want to thank them in person but I don’t know how to. I took a few screenshots of my math problems, especially in geometry and they sent back the answers within seconds! Highly recommend it! Thanks!
Full reviewreviews
John W.

From CameraMath to UpStudy: You Might Want to Know

Answered Problems
By Math Tutors

Algebra Math Problems

A soccer coach wants to know how many hours a week his players spend training at home. He has 20 players and he decides to ask the first 4 players to arrive at Monday's soccer practice how many hours they spend training per week. He then calculated that they spend an average of 10 hour per week. Therefore, he assumed that all the players train 10 hours per week. Is this an example of a simple random sample? 

A No, because each student did not have an equal chance of being selected. 

B Yes, because each student had an equal chance of being selected. 

C No, because he did not sample every soccer player. 

D Yes, the minimum number of students sampled need to be four for it to be a simple random sample. 

Calculus Math Problems

The figure shows the graph of f. 

(b) Which of the cx-values A, B, C, D, E, F and G appear to be inflection points of f? 

Geometry Math Problems

The diagram shows two rectangles, A and B. 

All measurements are in centimetres. 

The area of rectangle A is equal to the area of rectangle B. 

Find an expression for y in terms of w. 

Arithmetic Math Problems

George's page contains twice as many typed words as Bill's page and Bill's page contains 50 fewer words than Charlie's page. If each person can type 60 words per minute, after one minute, the difference between twice the number of words on Bill's page and the number of words on Charlie's page is 210. How many words did Bill's page contain initially?


 Bill's page initially contained        words. 

Trigonometry Math Problems

Simplify 2sin(5x)cos(3x) - sin(2x) to one an expression containing one trigonometric function. Then graph the original function and your simplified version to verify they are identical. Enclose arguments of functions in parentheses. For example, sin(2x). 


Statistics Math Problems

A health psychologist was interested in the effects of vitamin supplements on the immune system. Three groups of adults were exposed (in a highly ethical way) to the cold virus; one group took no supplements for a week before exposure, another had vitamin C supplements, and a third had multivitamins (excluding C). The severity of the cold was measured as a percentage (0% = not contracted, 100% very severe symptoms). The psychologist also measured the number of cigarettes that each person smoked per day, as smoking suppresses the immune system. The psychologist was interested in the differences in the severity of the illnesses across different vitamin groups accounting for cigarette usage. What technique should be used to analyse these data? 

A. Two-way repeated-measures ANOVA 

B. Two-way independent ANOVA 

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