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Mr. Aiken's credit card company charges 22. 50% per annum, counting each day that an amount is owed. He purchased 6 items for $642.57, He forgot about his bill and did not pay on the due date, April 25. How much will he owe on the next statement date, May 30, if he doesn't make any other purchases?

Record your answer with no dollar sign and rwo decimal places


You want to be able to withdraw\(\$45,000\) from your account each year for \(15\) years after you retire. You expect to retire in \(20\) years. If your account earns \(4\%\) interest, how much will you need to deposit each year until your retirement to achieve your retirement goals?


Calculate the amount of money you'll have at the end of the indicated time period, assuming that you earn simple interest. You deposit \(\$4000\) in an account with an annual interest of \(5.3\%\) for \(10\) years. The amount of money you'll have at the end of \(10\) years is?


Suppose Salma places \(\$9500\) in an account that pays \(16\%\) interest compounded each year. Assume that no withdrawals are made from the account. Follow the instructions below. Do not do any rounding.


(a) Find the amount in the account at the end of \(1\) year.

(b) Find the amount in the account at the end of \(2\) years.