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The cities of Toronto and Vancouver are \( 5415 km...

The cities of Toronto and Vancouver are \( 5415 km \) apart. A train leaves Toronto headed towards Vancouver travelling at \( 160 km / hr \) . At the same time, a train leaves Vancouver headed towards Toronto travelling at \( 125 km / hr \) . How many hours is it before the trains meet? [Full algebraic solution required including the "Let" statements. A table may be helpful]. 


let the time they take = t

let the distance the train from Vancover covers  =x


Toronto to vancover: 160 = (5415-x)/t 

therefore t=(5415-x)/160

Vancover to Toronto: 125=x/t

therefore t=x/125


equate both t's to get

(5415-x)/160 = x/125

125(5415-x)= 160x


676875 = 285x

x= 2375 km


t= 2375/125 = 19 hours




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