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The Indah Bus Lines offers sightseeing tours of Ku...The Indah Bus Lines offers sightseeing tours of Kuala Lumpur city. One tour, priced at RM7 per person, had an average demand of about \( 1000 \) customers per week. When the price was lowered to RM6, the weekly demand jumped to about \( 1200 \) customers. Assuming that the demand equation is linear, find the tour price that should be charged per person to maximize the total revenue each week. 


Let the travel price charged by each person be x when the maximum income is obtained.Then the number of tourists is 1000+200(7-x)

the rebenue is w=x[1000+200(7-x)]=-200x\(^{2}\)+2400x=-200(x\(^{2}\)-12x)=-200(x\(^{2}\)-12x+36-36)=-200(x-6)\(^{2}\)+7200

When per person is charged RM6, the total revenue is maxmize,is 7200

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