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3. Town planners are using the newly discovered un...

3. Town planners are using the newly discovered universal law of human mobility to check infrastructure needed for a new shopping precinct. The law states that \( N \) the number of visitors to the area in a given time period is given by Equation 1: Equation \( 1 \):

Equation \( 1 \) \(N = \frac { m } { ( r f ) ^ { 2 } }\) 

\(m \) is a measure of the 'popularity' of the area (based on its use, total area, and position in the city). 

\( r \) is the distance between the visitor's home and the new shopping precinct ( \( k m ) \) 

\(f\) is the number of times that visitors come to the precinct. 

a) If \( m \) for the new shopping precinct is projected to be \( 7550000 \) and visitors from a distance of \( 5 km \) visit \( 12 \) times (on average) during the relevant time period, what is the expected total number of visitors from that distance? Give your answer to the nearest (whole!) visitor. 



 Expected total number of visitors is 2097


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