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A triangular garden has two equal sides \( 3.6 m \...

A triangular garden has two equal sides \( 3.6 m \) long and a contained angle of \( 80 ^ { \circ } \) 

a) How much edging, to the nearest meter, is needed for this garden? 

b) How much area does the garden cover? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a square meter. 


After sketching a line down representing the height of the isosceles Triangle, dividing the triangle equally, following applies per sketch of left half hypotenuse = 3.6m

Angle A = 90° - 80°/2 =50° cos50° = adj/hyp =b/2.6 ( b= B/2)  and  sin50° =opp/hyp= height/2.6  b = 2.6cos50° = 1.7m  Base  = 3.4m   and height = 2.6sin50° = 1.99 m a) amount of fencing = 2.6m +2.6m + 3.4m  b) Area = (3.4m)(1.99m)/2   

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