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Life Expectancy The average life expectancy in the...Life Expectancy The average life expectancy in the United States has been rising steadily over the past few decades, as shown in the table. 

(a) Make a scatter plot of the data.

(b) Find and graph the regression line.

(c) Use the linear model you found in part (b) to predict the life expectancy in the year \(2006 .\) 

(d) Search the Internet or your campus library to find the actual \(2006\) average life expec- tancy. Compare to your answer in part (c). 




\(\left. \begin{array} { l } { \text { 9. (a) } } \\ { \left. \begin{array} { l l } { \text { (b) } y = 0.2708 x - 462.9 } & { \text { (c) } 80.4 \text { years } } \end{array} \right. } \end{array} \right.\)

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