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4. Word Problems: a. To solve word problems involv...

4. Word Problems: 

a. To solve word problems involving trigonometry you should always follow the same process. The four general steps of the process are listed below, but they are in the wrong order! What is the correct order? 

i. Select the correct trigonometric ratio 

ii. Draw a labelled diagram 

iii. Check your answer is reasonable and you have included unit. 

iv. Substitute and calculate to find the unknown 

b. Solve the word problem below:

 An airplane climbs at an angle of elevation of \( 11 ^ { \circ } \) with the ground. Find the ground distance (to the nearest foot) it has travelled when it has attained an altitude of \( 400 \) feet. 


a.  ii,i,iv,iii

b.\(\frac{400}{tan11° }\)=2057.8feet

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