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3. Andre wants to save \( \$ 40 \) to buy a gift f...

3. Andre wants to save \( \$ 40 \) to buy a gift for his dad. Andre's neighbor will pay him weekly to mow the lawn, but Andre alweys gives a \( \$ 2 \) donation to the food bank in weeks when he earns money. Andre calculates that it will take him \( 5 \) weeks to earn the money for his dad's gitt. He draws a tape diagram to represent the situation. 

a. Explain how the parts of the tape diagram represent the story. 


He will receive a salary of $x per week and donate $2 to the food bank. Therefore, he earns a net of (x - 2) dollars per week. after 5 weeks, he has 5(x - 2) dollars, or 40 dollars.

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