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19. A ship has space for at most \( 200 \) contain...

19. A ship has space for at most \( 200 \) containers, which are of two types - refrigerated and unrefrigerated. Each refrigerated container carries a load of \( 3 \) tonnes and each unrefrigerated container carries a load of \( 8 \) tonnes. The maximum load the ship can carry is \( 1,200 \) tonnes. a. Write down two linear inequalities in terms of \( x \) and y that represent the above information. b. Illustrate these inequalities on a graph. c. If freight charges on each re frigerated container are \( € 100 \) and \( € 80 \) on each unrefrigerated (1) container, how many of each container should be loaded in order to maximise profit 






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