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The amount of garbage, \(G\) , produced by a city ...

The amount of garbage, \(G\) , produced by a city with population \(p\) is given by \(G = f ( p ) . G\) is measured in tons per week, and \(p\) is measured in thousands of people. a. The town of Tola has a population of \(50,000\) and produces \(13\) tons of garbage each week. Express this information in terms of the function \(f\) . Enter your answer as an equation. Do not enter an any units (people, tons) or commas in your answer. Include a multiplication sign between symbols if you need to. For example, enter \(a ^ { * } x\) and not just \(a x\) . b. Explain the meaning of the statement \(f ( 4 ) = 3\) . 



a. f(p)=\(\frac{13}{50} p\)

b. when x = 4, f(x) = 3

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