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(1 point) Suppose you have a budget of \( 350 \) d...

(1 point) Suppose you have a budget of \( 350 \) dollars for one month. You would like to buy some textbooks and CDs. The average cost of a book is \( 55 \) dollars each and that of a CD is \( 15 \) dollars each. Let x denote the number of books you buy and y denote the number of CDs that you buy. 

(a) Write the equation of your budget constraint in the form \( y = m x + b \) , where \( m \) and b are numbers to be determined. Answer: y=________?

(b) If you decide to buy just one textbook, how many CDs can you afford? Enter the number of CDs as a whole number. Answer: I can buy ________CDs. 



a) \(y= -\frac{11}{3}x+ \frac{70}{3}\)

b) 19

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