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(1) A sink has \( 2 \) gallons of water in it. How...

(1) A sink has \( 2 \) gallons of water in it. How many quarts of water are in the sink? 

(2) Cindy drinks \( 2.3 \) pints of water after school. Her sister drinks \( 1.8 \) pints. How many more cups of water does Cindy drink?

(3) Mr. Rose' s car has a 12-gallon gas tank. His wife drives a car with a 10-gallon gas tank, and his daughter also drives a car with a 10-gallon gas tank. If all three tanks are filled, how many quarts of gas would they have in all? How do you know? 


1. 8 qt

2. 1 cup

2. 12g+10g+10g = 32g

1g = 4qt

so 32g = 32*4 = 128 qt

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